Deck And Patio Cleaning

Should you be one of those lucky homeowners who have a deck or patio, we are sure you are well aware of the hours of fun and relaxation they can provide. We are certain then that you are also well aware of the speed at which they can lose their aesthetic appeal. If you want to maintain this beauty, you need to ensure that you stick to a strict maintenance routine. Just like the ones we have on offer here at San Francisco Pressure Washing. Just tell us what you need, and our experts will handle the rest.


We are yet to find a cleaning solution that can provide our clients with a more complete solution. Granted it is being done by a professional. Whilst the concept remains the same, variations present themselves when we are faced with different materials. This is where our years of experience come into their own, and we guarantee that we have the ideal solution to ensure your deck looks even better than the day it was installed. For all this and so much more, call us the next time you feel your k needs some much-needed TLC.


The one thing we have noticed over the past couple of years is the increasing client requests for patio cleaning solutions. With these spaces becoming more and more popular, it is crucial that we can rise to any challenge our clients can present us with. We also need to make sure that we can adapt our pressure washing solution to any design. Simply put, we have a nozzle for every occasion, and all you have to do is tell us what you need and our friendly staff will handle the rest.


Using a pressure washer on your patio or deck provides one with an endless number of advantages. Firstly, this technique is able to handle any dirt or grime you can throw at it. No matter the surface, the only boost it will need will be the extra punch provided by our cleaning materials. Not only does the above ensure your space is spotless, but it will also increase the lifespan, and widen the gaps between repair and maintenance requirements. This will ultimately save you time and money, ensuring you have more time to enjoy your patio or deck.

Make A Plan

Would you like to know what helps set us apart from the rest of the competition? Why we have grown so quickly in such a short space of time? The simple answer is that we have a plan. We do not attempt any job without one. It helps us ensure that we are giving our clients nothing but the best, whilst ensuring they are simultaneously able to extract maximum value from the entire experience. If you would like to be a part of this, we encourage you to pick up the phone and call us right away. We promise we have a plan with your name on it.

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