Roof Washing

We still find it extremely peculiar that so many people still choose to neglect their roofs. As with most things in life, familiarity breeds contempt, and this can be a downright dangerous attitude to take when it comes to the roof over your head. To ensure that we are able to increase public awareness around the importance of maintaining and cleaning one's roof, we have elected ourselves as the number one advocate for a professional roof cleaning solution. To what we have to offer, and why it matters, you are welcome to have a look below.

Remove What?

We guarantee that you would be shocked to your core if we had to show you the all potential issues we find daily. People are just blissfully unaware of the damage being caused above their heads. This is why we made sure our roof washing solutions were versatile enough to tackle any issue we may stumble across. From algae to mold, and mildew. From biomass to lichen and everything in between. If it is causing problems with your roof, you can rest assured that our wide variety of cleaning solutions will have it covered.


We still laugh every time a client asks us why they need to have their roof cleaned. Not because we are trying to be disrespectful, no, our laughter is out of the sheer disbelief that people care so little for something that plays such a huge role in their everyday lives. Essentially roof cleaning or washing forms part of a wider maintenance approach. It can help increase the lifespan of your structure and reduce any potential danger. Now, do we have to explain again why this is such an important service? If not, then give us a call to set up an appointment.

Safety First

We have an impeccable safety record, and we can promise you that we are not going to put it on the line anytime soon. Hundreds of people, unfortunately, lose their lives each year from falling off rooftops. Even more, are injured. We refuse to be another statistic, and this is why we always put safety at the forefront of everything we try to do. This however is not only for our benefit, it also ensures that no damage is caused whilst we are working on your structure. It's a win, win solution, and most importantly, everyone stays safe.

Any Roof

Now, most of our roof washing business is based in the residential sector, but we are finding that more and more of these clients are enquiring about our ability to provide the same set of solutions to their business premises. Our answer is always the same. There is no roof that we cannot handle. No matter the shape or size, we guarantee we have tackled it before and passed with flying colors. So we do not care what industry you work in, we love a challenge and can't wait for you to give us a call right away.

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